Aug 2: Rev. George Sumner speaks

Guest Sermon series at St. John’s

Rev George Sumner speaks on Encountering the Storms of LifeIn the book of Acts, 27:13-26, the apostle Paul is on board a ship sailing from Crete to Rome when the ship is caught in a severe storm that lashes it for fourteen days. The sailors do everything they can to keep the ship afloat in the storm, but they soon start to lose hope of ever setting foot on land again. It is then that Paul has a vision of an angel reassuring him that, with courage by all, everyone will be saved. Paul’s vision is eventually fulfilled, but at this point the storm has not finished with this ship yet.

This story is not just an interesting historical account about a ship in a storm, but it is also a metaphor for when we encounter difficult and even devastating episodes in our own lives. We trust in our faith and we know that God’s hand is on us, yet as those sailors lost hope, we may feel that God has become very distant from us. Rev. George Sumner will be with us on Sunday, August 2nd to deliver a sermon on the story from Acts and on how it can speak to us when storms come into our own lives.

Rev. Canon George Sumner has a Ph.D. in systematic theology from Yale University with an emphasis on missiology. He has taught courses in missiology and the history of mission. He has written on the relation of Christianity to other religions, the theology of ordination, and recently a theological interpretation of the Book of Daniel. Having served at Wycliffe College, this summer he was appointed as Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, Texas.

Please join us on August 2nd to hear what Rev. Sumner has to say about a very relevant topic, and also to help us congratulate him on his recent appointment.


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