Renovation Update

Taking care of the extras

Greeters in safety vestsReminder: During the renovation, the church remains open and our schedule of services has not changed. On Sunday mornings, please enter by the east doors (facing the churchyard) and walk down the stairs to the auditorium. Children can go directly to the Sunday school on the main floor. For the barrier-free route, please enter by the tower doors (facing the hillside) and follow the path to the lift.

Project Update

View of foyer under construction

The foyer looking in from the main entrance. You can see the existing (to be closed) and new doorways to the sanctuary, and to the right, the patio doorway.

The renovation continues to proceed smoothly and still scheduled to finish on time in mid-September. Of course, one of things that we, wardens and staff, have learned during the last six months is to prepare for the unpredictable. However, we are on budget and with prudent management have not yet used up the contingency fund for the construction phase.

Campaign for Refurbishing and Revitalizing

View of Garnsworthy room from foyer

View from inside the foyer. On the left is the wide passageway to the Garnsworthy room, and on the right is the corridor to the admin office.

Garnsworthy room with construction materials

At the entrance to the Garnsworthy room. The new kitchen is connected to the Garnsworthy room by both a doorway and a pass-through window.

You, the congregation, have helped so much in allowing us to respond to unexpected challenges. Your response to our special fundraising campaign has enabled us to go ahead with many items that were not predicted during the planning stages two years ago before the construction actually began. The following is a summary of some of those issues that have been resolved as a result of the generosity of the members of St. John’s.

  • The 100-year-old Steinway grand is being restored and will be back in the sanctuary for our re-opening.
  • The repair and maintenance of the organ pipes will take place just before our re-opening when the organ is unwrapped.
  • The previous pulpit and lectern are being repurposed into three beautiful pieces of furniture, two for the foyer and one for the baptismal niche in the sanctuary.
  • Technology for broadcasting sound and visuals will link the sanctuary to the Garnsworthy Room and the family room (at the rear of the sanctuary).
  • The data network is being extended to the renovated spaces and to rooms in the basement to facilitate meetings and activities.
  • The deteriorating roof over the north wing is being replaced in August.

The design committee is in the process of buying good quality furniture for all three spaces that need new furnishings: Garnsworthy, foyer, and family room (the original narthex at the back of the sanctuary). The original budget for furnishings was not lavish, so the additional funds are allowing us to choose better quality and sturdiness as well as style and comfort.

Memorial Book

The expanded chancel takes shape.

Sanctuary with renovation in progress

From inside the sanctuary, you can see the new passageway to the foyer, the old passageway which will be closed off, and the new left transept.

For those who have contributed to the funding: the Memorial Book committee will begin meeting at the end of August. At that time, contributors will hear from us about preparing your own page. It is not too late to make your donation ($100 or more) and secure your page in the 2014 Renewal Memorial Book. Our plan is to have it displayed in the foyer starting in November and throughout our 200th anniversary year in 2016.

For many of us in the parish family, the excitement is building, and we look forward to inviting everyone into our beautiful new sanctuary in October 2016 when we celebrate the 200th anniversary of St. John’s York Mills.


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