Renewal 2014 Commemorative Book

We’re excited to tell you that this legacy book, a time capsule of our congregation in 2014 and a history of the renovation of 2014, is almost ready. Still on time, the Commemorative Book committee is planning to have copies of the book in the foyer for your perusal in the coming weeks. There will be a copy on the reception desk and a copy in another spot in the foyer.

A Snapshot of the People of St. John’s York Mills

We think you will find this book very interesting as it provides historical data about many families who have attended St. John’s for decades, as well as introducing many of our younger families who have arrived and established themselves more recently in our midst. As Rev Drew asked us recently in a sermon, “What do you know about the people sitting behind you in church?” Here is your chance to read about the family that is sitting in the pew beside you or behind you.

In order to fully capture the people in our congregation in the year 2014, we are leaving six pages blank in the middle of each book for people to print and sign their names. These pages are intended for those who were unable to have a page of their own for any reason but who would like to participate in the time capsule aspect of what we have prepared.

A Record for Now and for the Future

These two signed copies of the Commemorative Book are destined for the archives in the new year, but we will continue to put a book in the foyer through 2015 for parishioners to browse through. You may also buy your own copy for a small sum. Order sheets will be available once the book is ready.


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