Feasting, then Fasting

Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday are our traditional entry points into Lent. Plan on joining us this year for both days, for they are a matched pair – not to do one without the other!

First we feast together on Feb 17 with pancakes, butter, syrup and sausages! The Men’s Supper Club will be cooking for us this year with the griddles ready by 5.30. Come and enjoy the feast, fun and fellowship.

Then the next day, as we recover from feasting, we gather for a Holy Day, a solemn day, actually the second highest day of our church year and traditionally a day for a full or partial fast. We enter Lent together with Ash Wednesday either early in the morning at 7.30 a.m. or in the evening at 7.30 p.m. We will offer the traditional service of Imposition of Ashes, in which the priest marks our foreheads with ashes.

Mark your calendars and plan on observing Lent well this year beginning with ‘Feasting and Fasting’.


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