Discerning and Deciding

Over the course of the past year, challenges and opportunities have presented themselves to St. John’s. How do we respond to the calls that are on us?

Calls upon the Congregation

Over the past two years, several callings have presented themselves to the congregation that is St. John’s York Mills church. Three major outreach initiatives are being considered:

  • Sandy Bay Primary School, Jamaica – Repairing and refurbishing the building, supplying and supporting the teachers and the students.
  • Refugee Sponsorship – Sponsoring refugee families, and assisting community groups to sponsor more families.
  • St. Leonard’s Church – Reviving a fading congregation by finding new purposes for this church in a neighbouring parish.

Needs within our own church have also been identified:

  • Children’s Ministry Facilities – Expanding and rejuvenating the rooms used by the lively and growing Children’s Ministry.
  • Adult Education and Pastoring – Meeting community needs for help with life matters – families, marriage, parenting, finances, employment.

Discerning and then Deciding

The leaders of St. John’s – the clergy, the wardens, and the parish council – have been researching, thinking, praying, and talking about these different needs and about how we could most effectively address them. There have been discussions with congregants, both one-on-one in casual conversation and together in town-hall meetings. Recently the Parish Council went on a one-day retreat to explore and discern.

Now we are preparing to make decisions about choosing the callings we will answer, and about planning how we will respond. In his messages on upcoming Sundays, Drew+ will be talking about what we have learned in our discernment, and about our next steps.

Any projects that the congregation takes on will require significant resources, so it’s important that parishioners express their views and their levels of enthusiasm for supporting these projects.


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