Discerning and Deciding

Man pondering signpost pointing in many directions

I’m taking a deep breath. Might you slow down with me and take a deep breath too? Right now I can hear some people chatting down the hall, some birds chirping, the drone of the house being constructed down the street and insistent hum of our city. There is so much that happens all around us every day, every moment of every day. Sometimes choices can overwhelm us, paralyze or push us to take hurried action. What’s happening around you right now?

Just as we head into the gentler season of summer I’m caught by how many ideas are perking within our community members. That signpost picture represents just a few of the ideas that are humming within us. As we enter the summer season, may we all have time to breathe, time to ponder, and time to listen to what the Spirit is saying to us. May we also have the courage to take the next steps to make it happen.



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