July 5: Graham Singh Speaks

How to plant a church:

Graham Singh speaks on church plantingOn Sunday, July 5, Rev Graham Singh will be our guest preacher at the 10 a.m. service. Rev. Graham is currently the downtown Pastor of Lakeside Church in Guelph. He was trained for ministry at Cambridge and at Holy Trinity Brompton (the home of Alpha Course) in London. He was invited by the church in Guelph to return home and help them with a new church plant.

Rev. Graham has experience, passion and vision to inspire the church to discern and do God’s work in the world. He will be joined by Ms Rachel Abraham, a staff member from Holy Trinity Brompton and daughter of our parishioners Tony and Barbara Abraham.

The efforts and results of the work by the people of this remarkable church, including Rev. Graham and Rachel, are captured in a four-minute video.

Please plan to join us on July 5th for what promises to be a lively and engaging talk.


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