Renovation Phase 3 News

With changing needs, changing plans, and changing resources, phase 3 is being postponed.

At our special vestry meeting earlier this year, the Wardens proposed to proceed with the renovation of the church school and auditorium this summer and fall, if we could achieve satisfactory funding for the project. The intention was to bring the building up to current standards as a setting for meetings and for Christian education, for both St. John’s church and for the diocese.

Since the funding was not coming together in a timely fashion, the Wardens have decided to postpone this project until after our 200th anniversary celebration. Some major maintenance work that was to be part of the renovation has to be carried out due to the current condition of parts of the building, and the property committee will be spearheading this work.

As a community, we have an opportunity for now to enjoy the fruits of phases 1 and 2, and to get ready for the 200th anniversary. Then over the next year, we can take time to reconsider our needs within the renovation project. The Wardens will be looking for guidance from the congregation as we go forward.


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