July 19: Yau Man Siew Speaks

Ambition, Vocation and Mission.

Yau Man Siew speaks on Ambition, Vocation and Mission: A Personal Faith JourneyOn Sunday, July 19, Dr. Yau Man Siew takes to the lectern as our guest preacher. He will tell the story of his personal journey of faith.

Ambition, Vocation and Mission:
A Personal Faith Journey

Dr. Yau Man Sieu is a Professor of Christian Education at Tyndale University College and Seminary. He has a focus on higher education, seeking to help Christians deepen their understanding of Christian teachings, and through that, to come to know Jesus Christ in their lives.

Yau Man is also a parishioner of St. John’s York Mills, first coming to our church in 2012. He is attracted to St. John’s because he finds the faith community is warm and welcoming, and at the same time committed to spiritual growth through study, prayer, and sharing in fellowship.

Please join us on July 19 to hear a story that is both personal and that touches on our own lives.


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