The Good and Beautiful God

Aug 5: Summer study group starts.

Good and Beautiful God - study group with Tim starts August 5What do you think is God’s real nature? Perhaps you believe that God is stern and wrathful, like a strict parent who stands ready to mete out punishment for any transgression no matter how minor. Or perhaps you believe in a warm and fuzzy God who loves you no matter what you do, so much that He not only overlooks all misdeeds but guarantees you eternal life.

Many Christians hold on to one of these two narratives. However it turns out both narratives are wrong, or more precisely, they are incorrect narratives that have grown from seeds of truth. In the book The Good and Beautiful God, James Bryan Smith explores the real nature of God. Through study and spiritual practices, he shows us how to replace false narratives with an accurate, nuanced understanding of the real God – the God that Jesus knows.

We have previously run sessions to study this book. Over fifty people have attended, and many found this book to be unusually helpful. Starting in August, Rev. Tim Taylor is offering a new series of weekly gatherings to study The Good and Beautiful God:

  • Every Wednesday from August 5 to September 30 – nine sessions – from 4 to 6 p.m., meeting at St. John’s York Mills

If you are interested in attending or want more information, please contact Tim Taylor or the church office.


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