Anne+’s Perspective: Flowing

As Anne embarks on some time away from St. John’s, she reflects on flowing: water flowing around us, God’s love flowing into us. (This reflection also appears in the fall issue of The Link.)

The Ocean Tide – Flowing

Last summer I spent some time on Cortes Island and fully enjoyed the tide waters of Manson’s Lagoon. One day I stood in the shallows of the lagoon and threw myself into the incoming tide, allowing it to carry me along till I could finally find some bottom to touch. Then I slowly made my way back to the edge feeling the current with each slow and carefully placed step.

The next day I entered the shallows again but instead of throwing myself into the tide I began to step into the flow. I tried, I really tried, to face the ocean and take a step contrary to its purpose. There was no way I could lift my foot and move against it. I couldn’t move against the flow of the tide.

God’s Love – Flowing

Teresa of Avila speaks to us of God’s love flowing into the world. She teaches how we can be conduits of God’s healing love and grace to whomever, wherever it is needed in the world. As I press against the ocean’s tide, I experience the pouring of God’s Love into the world. I realize I don’t ever want to press against the flow of God’s Love. If there is any way I am resisting, if there is anything in my life that would stop the flow, may I experience that as clearly as I feel the difficulty of moving against this incoming tide. I want to live not moving in opposition to God’s Spirit, but throwing myself into the current and co-operating with the flow of the Spirit of God.

God’s Love is flowing into the world.

How and where do you experience God’s love
flowing in your life and here at St John’s?

The Flow of Life at St. John’s

As I conclude my four months as Priest-in-Charge I am very aware of the flow of God’s love in and through our community life. I experienced it in spiritual growth conversations with parishioners for lives are being changed, in enthusiastic support for the English Conversation Fellowship to begin, in the generosity that allowed the Sandy Bay Team to buy their tickets, in the shift from Phase 3 to discovering our own way forward, through the generous donation that allowed us to redecorate the Marsh Room and create a Youth Room, in a new Lemonade Stand with our new Curate and new lawn furniture … and so much more.

How have you experienced the flow of Love this summer?

May we all experience the flow of God’s healing love and grace in our lives.

Love and prayers,


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