Barnabas in the Summer

Barnabas Breakfast Group

The Barnabas ministry at St. John’s continues during the summer months when many in the city were curtailing their program because of vacations. We are fortunate at St. John’s to have dedicated volunteers who keep this ministry thriving. It is with open arms that we would welcome even more volunteers to help in serving the food as well as conversing with our guests. The volunteers and clergy work together each month to make an occasion for full nourishment – food for the body, food for the social life, and food for the soul.

Our new curate Tim joined us at our last breakfast. He learned about what we do, and he mingled and chatted with our visitors.

During the prayer time we hear heart-rending stories about how our Barnabas friends strive to overcome challenges. One woman, who has been legally blind from birth, told us that she was sent to the CIBC boarding school to learn Braille. Her parents could not afford this care and so this gift to go and learn Braille was made possible through the Big Sisters organization, which financed her stay as well as her ongoing education. She remains a joyful person who does the best she can with her limited means in spite of her disability. Before leaving the prayer time she expressed thanks to the congregation for their support of the Barnabas ministry.

All our guests are so grateful to be able to come to the church and receive a hearty breakfast and fellowship. During prayers many lift up our parish and are so thankful for this ministry and all who make it possible – that’s all of our St. John’s family. This is what we are called to do and this is how we can love our neighbour: caring about and for one another. As we feed the those in need, we too are fed.

Please consider joining our team of volunteers. Our next Barnabas breakfast is on Wednesday August 26. Please talk with Bev Salmon or Bev McLeod, or contact the office if you would like to know more of this ministry. There are various ways to get involved – supplying food, preparing breakfast in the kitchen, serving to our visitors, offering financial support – with a ministry that many find friendly and rewarding.


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