George Sumner – Thanks

Rev. Canon George Sumner, who preached at St. John’s on August 2, has served for many years as Principal of Wycliffe College. St. John’s has strong ties with Wycliffe, so we were honoured to have him as a guest preacher and to wish him fare well as he leaves Wycliffe College this fall to take up his appointment as Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas.

St John’s has been an evangelical church from its conception, so it is natural that it has a long and close connection with Wycliffe College which is an evangelical seminary. Under Dr. Sumner’s principalship many of our parishioners have served as Board members, raised funds for the college, and attended – and graduated – as students.

On his final visit to St. John’s as Principal, parishioners who are Wycliffe alumni and associates gathered to thank Dr. Sumner and to offer a prayer of blessing (he is at the centre in the light blue jacket).


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