Men’s Supper Club in September

Food for Body and Soul:

Ever wonder why the symbol of Christianity is the cross on which Jesus was cruelly put to death? Why don’t we have a positive symbol such as a lamp (the light of knowledge) or perhaps a sheep (a follower of Christ)?

The reason the cross is the central symbol of Christianity is because the death of Jesus on the cross is the centre of Christian theology. This is the central event that binds together so many other things – Jesus being simultaneously God and human, His death followed by His return to life, sin and redemption, the nature of the love of God, the purpose of our own existence, how we should live our lives.

But then you may wonder: How do we know who Jesus really was? How can we really know the true nature of Jesus, or that the documented events really happened? John Stott takes on these questions in his book, Basic Christianity (from Amazon or the publisher). In this book, Stott examines historical records and artifacts to determine who the historical Jesus was, and to determine if what we are called on to believe in our faith is indeed supported by the facts that we can discover.

At the Men’s Supper Club on September 8, we will share a meal and then we will dig into some of the ideas from this book – ideas that try to answer the question: “Why should a thinking person accept Christian teachings?” Rev. Drew, who has recently returned from his sabbatical, will lead the discussion.

Tuesday, September 8
Garnsworthy Room at St. John’s
6:30 – We socialize
7:00 – Dinner is served
7:30 – Discussion begins

To get the most out of the evening, it is recommended (but not required!) that you read chapter 2 of the Basic Christianity ahead of time.

Gentlemen, plan now for an evening of
food for the body and food for the soul.


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