Sept 8: Men’s Supper Club

Christ – Who did He claim to be?

Jesus Christ is, of course, central to Christianity and so it is vital for us to learn about Jesus and understand who He was. Indeed, we have set the mission of St. John’s church to be: to know Christ and make Him known.

On Tuesday, September 8 at the Men’s Supper Club, we will seek a perspective on who Jesus was by looking at Jesus’s own claims – claims that He made through word (“I am the living bread that came down from heaven”), through deed (by His teaching and by His miracles), and through character (His conduct among the learned and among the poor). We will be guided by chapter 2 of the book Basic Christianity by John Stott. Stott was an Anglican cleric who had an outsized influence on evangelism and bringing an evangelical direction into the Anglican church.

The discussion will be led by Rev. Drew MacDonald. This will be Drew’s first time leading the discussion at Men’s Supper Club since March, shortly before he left for his sabbatical.

Tuesday, September 8
St. John’s York Mills Church
Garnsworthy Room

6:30 – Arrive and socialize
7:00 – Dinner is served
7:30 – Discussion starts

To get the most out of the evening, it is recommended (but not required) that you read chapter 2 of Basic Christianity ahead of time. The book may be ordered online from Amazon or the publisher. If you are having trouble obtaining a copy, please contact Max Dionisio who can assist. Please note that we will be asking for an optional contribution to help with the cost of the meal.

Food for the body and food for the soul.
Bring your appetite!


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