The Link – Fall 2015

The Fall 2015 edition of The Link newsletter is now available. You can receive it digitally in your e-mailbox, on paper at the Sunday services, or online right here.

If you want to start receiving The Link in your e-mailbox, sign up by sending a request to If you receive the Link on paper, please pick it up on Sunday morning if you can, to save St. John’s the cost in postage of mailing it out.

Of course the front page news is Rev. Drew’s return from his sabbatical. Drew has had a chance to reconnect with people in the parish, take stock of what has happened while he was away, and look at what plans are in progress for the fall.

Rev. Anne offers a reflection on time spent on Cortes Island in BC. Often, it is in these times when we are away from the busyness of our “normal” lives and our manufactured habitats, that we are able to feel the presence of God. Anne describes how, on the beach, it seemed so natural to experience the flow of God’s love into the world, and to act in any way that resists this flow suddenly seemed difficult. Anne’s gift for distilling such moments of spiritual reflection into a few well-chosen words is apparent in this issue.

The English Conversation Fellowship outreach project is drawing a lot of interest, and looks like it will be off to a very positive start this fall. For people who wish to become more fluent in English, the Fellowship will be a time to practice listening and speaking skills in a warm and hospitable setting. It’s not an ESL class (with a focus on learning English), but rather a gathering where people can discuss any topics of interest, such as education, health, food, as well as topic related to worship. The first get-together is on Thursday, September 24, from 1 to 2 p.m.

Other articles in the fall newsletter look at the story behind the new stained glass window created in honour of Rev. Canon Jim O’Neil – rector of St. John’s from 1969 to 1989 – and his wife Dr. Jean O’Neil, and news about what’s happening with small groups, courses for adults, and Children’s Ministry programs in the fall.

Read more about these, and many other topics, in the fall 2105 issue of The Link.


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