Welcome Home, Drew!

Celebrating Drew's return with cake and lemonade: Drew gets ready to cut the cake.

On Sunday, August 9, we welcomed Rev. Drew home from his sabbatical sojourn, and we thanked Rev. Anne for her leadership during Drew’s absence.

Drew reappeared last Sunday following his four-month sabbatical. On his time away, he travelled to points in the United States and in England. He attended a church leadership conference, visited historical locations, met with other leaders, took time for contemplation, and visited other churches. He really visited other churches, often attending two services each Sunday but sometimes three or even four services.

Now, Drew has returned home refreshed and reinvigorated. He shared with the congregation just a few highlights of his time away last Sunday. Far from wanting to rest after his sojourn, he is eager to start sharing what he has learned and to start thinking of ways of applying those ideas and lessons here at St. John’s.

During the Sunday service, we also took time to thank Anne for her leadership during the time that Drew was away. Anne not only ably carried out the clerical and pastoral duties required, but successfully oversaw events such as the continued Good and Beautiful God groups, the guest speaker series, the sermon series on Paul’s missionary journeys, and the arrival of Rev. Tim Taylor.

Welcome Home, Drew!
Thank You, Anne!


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