The Good and Beautiful Life

The next step after The Good and Beautiful God. Evening group starts Wednesday September 30 at 7:30. Daytime group starts Thursday October 15 at 10:00. These study groups are open to all people who have completed the first book, The Good and Beautiful God.

People have called the first book ‘deceptively simple’. It is a guide that illuminates, through reading, exercises and discussions, the nature of God and His relationship with us.

The Good and Beautiful Life is the second book in the three book series by James Bryan Smith. Following the Sermon on the Mount, this study takes us deep in Jesus’ narratives for a good and beautiful life. We explore some of the false narratives from our culture and upbringing that create obstacles we often stumble over – anger, lust, lying, worry, judging, and dealing with difficult people. As we grow in appreciation that God is truly good and beautiful, we will enter more deeply into the life God has for us here on earth – life in the Kingdom of God, a life where we don’t need to worry, or judge, or pretend to be something we’re not.

We are offering two sessions:

  • Evenings: Wednesdays from 7.30 to 9 pm (supper at 6.30), beginning September 30th, and meeting every other week for 10 sessions.
  • Mornings: Thursdays from 10 a.m. to noon, beginning October 15th and meeting every other week for 10 sessions.

Both groups meet at  St John’s York Mills church. For more information please contact Rev. Anne Crosthwait.


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