Sunday Morning Nine ’til Noon

The shape of Sundays at St. John’s

A house with many roomsMy Father’s house
has many rooms …

John 14:2

On November 29 we are launching a new program for Sunday mornings at SJYM: Sunday Morning Nine ’til Noon. The program will run seamlessly and offer multiple entry points:

  • 9:00 – The Sacred Table
    Holy Eucharist: Food for the faithful.
  • 10:00 – Intermission
    Share refreshments and news with your fellow sojourners.
  • 10:30 – The Open Door
    A gathering for worship, song, and teaching, with a faith education program for children.
  • 11:30 – The Forum
    Bring coffee. Bring questions. Let’s discuss!

An Intentional Change

As we look forward to our two-hundredth anniversary, we’ve been wondering, “How can SJYM continue to thrive?” Growth is the answer: each of us committing to active discipleship and, as a body, reaching out to the unchurched and curious. “Sunday Morning Nine til Noon” is designed to provide opportunities for everyone —from mature Christians to those just beginning their journey — “to know Christ and make Him known” in a Sunday-morning setting.

Radical Welcome

Do you know someone with a gift for hospitality? What descriptors come to mind? Warm, friendly, open, comfortable. “Makes me feel right at home.” These are wonderful traits for an individual to have. They’re even better for a church! In fact, “hospitality” is specifically named (Romans 12:6–8) as one of the gifts given to individuals to help nourish the Christian community.

10:00 — More Than Coffee

Listening to the buzz of a Sunday morning coffee hour, you can tell there’s a lot going on. Sharing of news or counsel. Making plans. Making jokes. And in a quiet corner, maybe some tears. Underneath the hubbub runs a river of kindness and inclusion, a simple joy in being together. It’s as life-giving as prayer, sacrament and song. It’s church!

11:30 —Just Add Questions

We all have questions — about the morning’s teaching, about our walk of faith, about something so basic you forgot you ever didn’t understand. No one’s gasping in surprise. No one’s rolling their eyes. Every question, every person is welcome here — especially the ones who don’t like “church.”

Image: Many Rooms © Jan L. Richardson.


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