The New Look of Sundays: 10:30

Every Sunday at 10:30 is the Open Door: a gathering for prayer, teaching and song. Purposeful and relaxed. Rich and accessible.

A place to feel at home

Imagine some musicians playing in a pleasantly crowded café. Some people in the crowd are fans, there for the band. Others are café regulars who enjoy whatever’s happening in their favourite place. Still others are just passing through – but catch the atmosphere and end up staying.

That’s church at 10:30. Purposeful and relaxed. Rich and accessible.

The focus at 10:30 is Spirited engagement with the Word. There’s time for preaching that goes deep and wide and invites questions. Prayer is pastoral and inclusive. The music is contemporary and invites participation.

Focus on what really matters

Sound familiar? 10:30 is simply St. John’s Church with fewer barriers. Vestments, for example – those can look a little strange to the uninitiated. Holy Eucharist is overwhelming to someone new to the faith. And let’s bring those unfinished refreshments into the sanctuary. What’s a little coffee stain between friends?

Families are very welcome here. They’re eagerly anticipated, with a concurrent education and worship program especially for kids. There’s a nursery room for little ones – or a family space right next to where the action is. We don’t mind prayer-time fussing or tooth-marks on the pews. This is life in the Kingdom of God!

An Intentional Change

As St. John’s looks forward to its two-hundredth anniversary, we also look forward to being a church for the people of today. That’s why we’re remaking Sunday mornings. Starting November 29, Sunday Morning Nine til Noon will offer opportunities for everyone – from mature Christians to those beginning their journey to those who are just curious – to find out about us and about our purpose: To know Christ and make Him known.

Sunday Morning Nine til Noon

9:00 – The Sacred Table – A Communion service rooted in our deep Anglican tradition
10:00 – Intermission – Share refreshments and news with fellow sojourners
10:30 – The Open Door – Prayer, teaching, and song: Rich yet accessible
11:30 – The Forum – Bring coffee. Bring questions. Let’s discuss!


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