The New Look of Sundays: 11:30

Every Sunday following the Open Door, grab a coffee and bring it back into the church with your questions. At The Forum, the floor is open – let’s discuss!

The Forum: Just Add Questions

We all have questions – questions about what we’ve heard in the morning’s teachings, questions that have arisen in our journeys of faith, questions about things so basic that you forgot you didn’t understand them. The Forum is the place to ask them. It’s a place that is open to people at all points in the faith journey – from those whose faith is deep, to those who are new to their faith, to those who are just curious (or even sceptical) about Christianity.

We might spend the time exploring the teachings from the Sacred Table and the Open Door, or a question or comment might arise that takes us the discussion far afield. There is no program for The Forum – it’s your time to ask questions or raise issues about whatever is on your mind, or to just sit back and listen to the ideas and opinions.

The Engaging Church

For many, the dominant model for the church has been a place where you go to passively absorb whatever is being preached from the pulpit. The early church was not like that; it was a lively place where the elders, the followers, and the curious all talked with each other, where they asked questions, raised issues, and tested different ideas. It was a place where faith grew not through rote learning but by actively engaging and wrestling with the teachings.

The Forum is our way of recreating some of that spirit of the early church. In an easy-going setting, it’s a time to ask questions, to seek clarity on things you’re not sure about, and to talk about the things that cause doubts. You can speak either in person or by tweeting with the tag @SJYMForum. The space is welcoming, the mood is non-judgemental, and the floor is open.

An Intentional Change

The Forum is a part of the transformation that is happening to Sunday mornings at St. John’s. It is designed to help St. John’s better fulfil its vision of “Knowing Christ and Making Him Known” as we enter into our third century of service.

Sunday Morning Nine til Noon

9:00 – The Sacred Table – A Communion service rooted in our deep Anglican tradition
10:00 – Intermission – Share refreshments and news with fellow sojourners
10:30 – The Open Door – Prayer, teaching, and song: Rich yet accessible
11:30 – The Forum – Bring coffee. Bring questions. Let’s discuss!


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