Thur Sept 10: Refugee Response

As the humanitarian crisis in Europe deepens, St. John’s hears the call to take action. On Thursday, the Anglican United Refugee Alliance will be at St. John’s to explain what they do, discuss our options, and explain how we can take action including sponsoring a refugee family to come to Canada.

Thirty-five years ago, at the time when hundreds of thousands of “boat people” fled Vietnam after the end of the Vietnam war, St. John’s sponsored a family of refugees and sheltered them in Comer house.

A meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, September 10, at 4 p.m. in the Garnsworthy room to investigate what actions we can take in response to this new humanitarian disaster driven by war and extremism. The Anglican United Refugee Alliance is a charitable organization that represents both the Anglican Diocese of Toronto and the Toronto Conference of the United Church of Canada; the Alliance’s mandate is to help organizations and individuals who wish to sponsor and resettle refugees in Canada. At this initial meeting, we will learn from them what our options are, what we need to commit to if we undertake any of these options, and what the Alliance can do to help us through the process.

If you feel moved to respond to people who yearn to escape desperate situations, you are most welcome to attend this meeting. For more information, please contact Rev. Tim Taylor at


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