Children’s Christmas Video

The Christmas story as re-enacted by the children of St. John’s is now on-line. Watch the video here and read about how it was made. The video was produced in 2015 and was first screened at our Christmas Eve service.

The Making of the Children’s Christmas Movie

The idea for the Christmas Movie took shape last spring after the Rev. Dr. Catherine Keating returned from a trip to New Zealand where she had visited St Paul’s Anglican Church in Auckland and received support and encouragement from their team.

A script was worked out for the video, and through the summer and the fall, the children got involved learning their parts and then recording them. The audio and video tracks for the individual scenes were rehearsed and recorded separately. All the children who wished to participate had an opportunity to do so throughout this time. Late in the fall, our volunteer editors got to work and put all the pieces together. The complete video was shown for the first time to an enthusiastic audience at our Family Service on Christmas Eve 2015.

We give thanks to St. Paul’s Anglican church in Auckland, New Zealand for the idea and for their support, to Spring Garden Baptist church for use of their props, to Connie McDougal and Ariel McDonald for taking the lead in the recording and directing, to Michele and Glen McDonald for their support in editing, to Simone Nieuwolt for her leadership and support in working with the children, to Deacon Catherine for her inspiration and for piloting the production, to the parents for their support and encouragement, and especially to all the children who worked hard to make the video a success. Thank you all!


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