Mystic in Motion

Can you be drawn toward the stillness of monastic contemplation, yet want to act to change the world? A new blog explores questions like this – questions that relate to the ideas and the ideals of the Contemplative Fire movement.

Finding a contemplative pathway through a chaotic world

Contemplative Fire is a community rooted in the broad Christian monastic contemplative tradition. Its members seek to be fully present in the kingdom of God through prayer, study, and action.

There are lots of people who mix a longing for stillness, with longing to bring change into the world. This is a blog for us. We’re not fake. We’re real. Sometimes we’ve been called ‘contemplatives-in-action’. Contemplative Fire puts an intentional bit of sparkle into that phrase, for we’re a community of eclectic, creative, and slightly edgy people.  We can embrace our longing for action and change as well as embrace our longing for stillness and silence.

In this blog we’ll explore life through Contemplative Fire eyes. You’re invited to come along with us online at Join the mailing list to receive updates are they are posted.


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