Looking Back at Historic St. John’s

A reprint of the book “150 Years at St. John’s York Mills”, written by M. Audrey Graham in 1966, is now available for purchase.

St. John’s York Mills turns 200 years old this year and we are kicking off an entire year of celebration. Meanwhile, many of our current members may know very little about the long and storied career of our church, which has been central not only to the history of this area but to the history of Toronto.

In 1966, on the occasion of our 150th anniversary, a parishioner named M. Audrey Graham published a book about our history. We are reprinting a soft-cover edition of that book for members of St. John’s, featuring the original layout and illustrations. The book will cost $25 and order forms are available in the foyer every Sunday. You may also order a copy by contacting the church office.

For more information, send a note to Sylvia McConnell at sbmc@bell.net or contact the office by writing to welcome@sjym.ca or calling 416-225-6611.


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