April 12: Men’s Supper Club

The cost of being a Christian:

Men's Supper ClubThe gospels offer the “good news” of God’s great gifts to all of us. But in return, what obligations are put on us?
Many people are “casual Christians” who involve themselves enough to enjoy the comfort of God’s promises, but not so much as to worry about the obligations that Christ put on them, especially when they require difficult decisions on their part. To other people, such casual Christians with flexible moral codes can seem indifferent or even hypocritical in their faith.

In chapter 9 of his book Basic Christianity, John Stott looks at what we must do if we intend to call ourselves Christians. We know that God’s grace is offered to us irregardless of our good (or not so good) works. But that doesn’t mean what we do is irrelevant. Indeed there are some obligations that we need to know about. Stott outlines these obligations in a chapter that is not always comfortable reading.

Gentlemen, on Tuesday, April 12, we will gather for an evening of dinner, fellowship, and discussion to wrestle with this topic. It is recommended (but not required) that you read chapter 9 – Counting the Cost – in John’s Stott’s book Basic Christianity. If you have trouble locating a copy of the book, please contact Max Dionisio who can help.

If you would like to attend, please send a note to Wayne Minett so that we can plan for the dinner.

Men’s Supper Club

Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Garnsworthy Room
St. John’s York Mills church

6:30 – Arrive and socialize
7:00 – Dinner is served
7:30 – Discussion begins

Bring your appetite, bring your questions, and bring an open mind!


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