March Mindfulness

Being present in the Here and Now

Mind Full, or Mindful?For three Fridays in March, Contemplative Fire invites you to take time to experience the practice of mindfulness.

By nature our minds fill with thoughts about things in the past and things in the future, thoughts of obligations and worries, thoughts of people, places, and things in our lives. Mindfulness teaches us how to put this on pause and bring our minds back to the present moment so that we may be more present and more fully alive.

Through videos, discussion and practice we’ll explore and experience ways to live more mindful lives. You are invited to give a freewill donation to Contemplative Fire in appreciation.

March Mindfulness

March 4, 11, and 18
1 to 3 p.m.

St. John’s York Mills
19 Don Ridge Drive, Toronto

Hosted by Contemplative Fire Canada


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