New Good and Beautiful Courses

Starting in March, we are again offering courses based on the acclaimed Apprenticeship Series by James Bryan Smith. Each course runs for ten weeks. There is homework – participants are expected to do readings and soul-training exercises – but if you are willing to make the commitment, you will find yourself amply rewarded in spiritual growth and understanding.

The Good and Beautiful God

What do you think is God’s real nature? Perhaps you believe that God is strict, offering reward to the virtuous but ready to punish even the smallest misdeeds. Or perhaps you believe in a warm and fuzzy God who loves you no matter what you do.

Many Christians hold one of these two narratives. However it turns out both narratives are wrong, or more precisely, they are incorrect narratives that have grown from seeds of truth. In the book The Good and Beautiful God, Smith explores the real nature of God. Through study and spiritual practices, he shows us how to replace false narratives with an accurate, nuanced understanding of the real God – the God that Jesus knows.

Enrolment is now open for these offerings of The Good and Beautiful God:

  • Evenings. Mondays from 7 to 9 p.m. starting on March 7. Leader to be announced
  • Afternoons. Alternate Wednesdays from 3 to 5 p.m. starting on March 23. Led by Tim+

The Good and Beautiful Life

People want to have happiness and success. Many people do things they believe will bring them these things, yet many people find that despite all their efforts these goals elude them. This is because it is easy to buy into false narratives of what satisfies our needs – narratives that starve our souls.

In the book The Good and Beautiful Life, Smith uses Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount as a guide to replacing those narratives – narratives of vice like anger, lying, worry, and vainglory – with the narratives that Jesus taught – the narratives of virtue that nourish our bodies and our souls.

Enrolment is now open for these offerings of The Good and Beautiful Life. Note that you should take The God and Beautiful God first as a prerequisite.

  • Evenings. Alternate Mondays from 7 to 9 p.m. starting March 7. Led by Drew+
  • Mornings. Alternate Thursdays from 10 to noon starting March 10. Led by Anne+

Find your place at St. John’s

Enroll in any of these courses by adding your name to the appropriate sign-up sheet in the foyer each Sunday, by calling the office at 416-225-6611, or by sending a note to with your name and the course offering.

The Apprenticeship Series courses are a part of the Christian Education initiatives at St. John. For more information about these courses or to learn about other offerings please contact Anne+.


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