The Prayer Ministry at St. John’s

1015 PrayerPrayer is an integral part of the life of a Christian, alone in quiet places and together in groups. At SJYM a small group meets every week to pray.

The Prayer Ministry at SJYM

Quietly, without fanfare, the people of the Prayer Ministry gather to pray. They bring with them names and needs. They have collected updates through discreet, respectful questions during Sunday morning coffee time: Is your grandmother out of the hospital? How is your daughter this month? Have you secured any job interviews this week?

“We feel we pray more effectively if we have the right information,” explains one of the group members.

The group gathers every Tuesday in the Children’s Chapel, a humble and comfortable location for the thoughtful activity to come. They pray together for 45 minutes, from 11:15 to noon. On other days, individuals might remember the petitions during their private prayers or simply in their daily walk.

“It made a difference to me. I felt…upheld,” says one beneficiary of this caring ministry. “It was like I could handle the daily details of what I was going through better knowing that the bigger picture was being looked after.”

When prayer is what’s needed

Would you like to be served by the Prayer Ministry? Send a note to the office at or to Anne+ at her confidential mailbox We thank these parishioners for sharing their God-given gifts of mercy, thoughtfulness, discernment and faith with the people of St. John’s York Mills.


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