Returning to Sandy Bay

0717 Sandy Bay SchoolOn May 10, several members of the parish will be travelling to Jamaica for a week to continue fostering our relationship with Sandy Bay Primary School by working directly with the teachers and students.Our trip last summer was all about building up the physical structure; this trip is all about building up relationships with people. Rev. Drew Macdonald and Catherine Keating will be travelling with us, to meet staff and kids and also members and leaders of local congregations. Drew already has a meeting planned with the Archdeacon!

Focus on math skills. The principal of Sandy Bay has said that one area she is focussing on is math skills. Mathematics manipulatives – objects that students can sequence, sort, measure, stack, combine to make geometric shapes – will be really helpful, so we’ve filled a box at Scholars Choice, 8750 Bayview Ave (a little south of Highway 7) with recommended items and labelled it “St. John’s York Mills.” Purchase items from this box and they qualify for a 10% discount. Please bring items to St. John’s by May 1 and drop them in the box in the foyer. You can also offer monetary donations, marked “Jamaica Project.”

Heart-felt appreciation. To show how much your support is needed and appreciated, here are excerpts from a recent letter written by the principal of Sandy Bay Primary, Miss Simpson:

Thanks for the birthday cards … The children are so excited about them. I was so touched when on the day that I gave them out a little boy in Grade 2 came and asked me in such a heart-felt way, “Miss Principal, how they know it is my birthday today?” He is not one of those children used to receiving anything or his birthday being acknowledged. You and your group have touched these children’s lives in so many ways….

As were discussing earlier the needs of so many of these children are overwhelming. With the tiles that were left over [from the bathroom renovation St. John’s helped with last summer] I just managed to get a local tiler to tile a little shower area so that we can take care of their hygiene needs. We try to do our best but we are in need of stuff like underwear for both boys and girls, sanitary napkins, shampoo, soap, roll-on, and so on. Whatever we get in this area we will be grateful for….

Until we talk again, have a blessed Easter season, you and family, and may God continually bless you.

Be a part of it. If you would like to get involved with the Sandy Bay Primary School project, please talk to Michele McDonald or to Drew or Catherine.

Thank you for your continued support.
– Michele McDonald


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