Sermon Series: Freedom

What it really is and how to have it

FreedomPersonal freedom is a defining idea in our society, yet many of us struggle to be free, and others who think they have reached freedom feel oddly discontented. Perhaps the idea of freedom is not as simple as we might have thought.

Does freedom mean release from bondage, as in freedom from hunger or freedom from tyranny? Does freedom mean liberty of will, as in freedom to believe any idea and to act in any way we choose? Or does freedom mean something else? As is true for many topics that are fundamental in our lives, we can learn deep truths about freedom by taking a look at biblical teachings.

Join us on Sundays in June and July at The Open Door (10:30 a.m.) as Rev. Drew explores the book of Galatians in the bible. He will unpack the meanings in the texts, show how they apply in our modern lives, and offer a roadmap for us to find our own freedom.


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