The Change to the Marriage Canon

Many have been following the deliberations of the recent General Synod on the question of same-sex marriage and have been wondering what does this mean for us at St John’s.

Archbishop Colin Johnson has stated:

Today’s vote will require confirmation by General Synod in 2019, but we can now begin to discuss how this will be implemented in the Diocese of Toronto… I reiterate that even if we do not agree on today’s outcome, we continue to be united in the most central aspects of our faith – our baptism in Jesus Christ and our commitment to serve His people.  Because we are united at this level, we can continue to work through these important issues together – a challenge I embrace and look forward to.

As a parish, we should take up the archbishop’s challenge to work through these important issues together and, with God’s grace, the light of Christ’s love will shine through all of our thoughts, words and actions. Over the next several months, as a parish and in consultation with the Diocese and the wider church, we can determine a course of action that is appropriate for us as a community of faithful Christians, engaged in the wider world.

We have the advantage of the slower season of summer to reflect on the decision and its implications. Let us listen for the leading of God’s Holy Spirit and with God’s mercy move forward in unity and love.

In His Service, Drew+


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