Brussels Sprouts – Yes or No?

SJYM takes on life’s difficult questions

1009-brussels-sproutsYou’re at Thanksgiving dinner. Things seem to be going well, when suddenly it happens. Someone asks you, “Would you like some Brussels sprouts?” and offers you a loaded platter. How do you answer?

Maybe it’s easy for you — a simple “yes” or “no” — but maybe it’s not.

Maybe you feel you’ve eaten enough Brussels sprouts for one life, even two, but these ones were made with your aunt Millie’s special recipe and it would look rather rude to spurn them.

Or you love Brussels sprouts and you’d take half the platter if you could, but then you’d have to listen to your uncle Reginald’s Brussels sprout joke which you’ve heard so many times that you want to scream.

Thankfully, the conundrum of Brussels sprouts at Thanksgiving arises only once a year.

Some difficult questions are persistent

You’re at a social gathering or a family event. Things seem to be going well when suddenly it happens. Someone asks you about your faith. Why do you believe what you do? If God is everywhere, why would you need to go to church to worship? What about other religions? These are good questions. How do you answer?

Maybe it’s easy for you. But these questions flummox a great many Christians.

SJYM is a place where you can discover answers to these and many other difficult questions of faith. It can take time to learn about the many facets of Christian belief and to put everything together into a coherent statement of faith. That’s why SJYM has a number of offerings to help you.

Our goal is not just to equip you to answer questions that people may ask you about your faith, but to help you discover the joy of living a faith-filled life.

A journey along the path to faith

Finding joy in Brussels sprouts is not something that happens naturally to most people. You have to grow into a taste for them, and learn to prepare them the way that suits you best. Growing into a life of faith is a little like that. It takes time: to listen and talk, to read and reflect, to learn how to practise your faith in the way that best suits the person God made you.

If you have a hunger to grow in faith, consider SJYM’s many offerings. If you have a hunger for Brussels sprouts… well, we’ll leave that one to you.


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