The Season of Advent

Waiting … and watchful …

1118 Advent Holy waitingAdvent, which marks the beginning of the Christian church year, begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. For 2016, Advent is from November 27 to December 24.

Advent is a season of waiting: waiting for the celebration of Jesus’ first coming, and feeling an increased awareness that we are waiting for his return.

Advent is a season of anticipation: when Jesus came as an infant to Bethlehem, the world was changed. We don’t know when He will return again, as judge, but we do know the world will be changed forever.

Advent is a season of preparation: we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ first coming with joy and celebration, but we also think about being watchful and knowing what we must do to be ready for His return.

During this holy season, we are offering a number of services and events to help us wait and help us prepare. Come join us, and think about inviting a friend or family member who might appreciate experiencing the deeper meaning of the season rather than just the usual gift giving and parties.


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