Alpha takes flight at YLF

Getting to know faith and ourselves

The evening begins with dinner and casual conversation

The evening begins with dinner and casual conversation. Dinner for this first evening was prepared by a team from St. John’s.

The first offering of Alpha at the Yonge Lawrence Fellowship has begun. Over thirty people have enrolled in the program, which meets every Thursday evening for twelve weeks.

Each evening begins when we sit down together for a meal. After the meal, there is a video presentation on the evening’s topic, then we split into small groups to discuss what we have just seen. Discussions start from the video material but often diverge in interesting directions.

One of the small groups in an open and often frank discussion

One of the small groups in an open and often frank discussion.

The videos and the discussions not only touch on the essentials of Christianity – what it is, who Christ was, how Christians should live their lives – but on how it relates to us today. Can we scrutinize biblical texts? Which ones describe historically true events? What does it mean to have faith? How will faith affect your life? How should we expect people who call themselves Christian to act? Some of the small-group discussions on these and other topics have become quite lively, with people staying and talking well past the stated end time.

More information about Alpha at YLF is here. A new session of Alpha is scheduled to launch late in September, 2017.


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