CM Video: The Resurrection of Jesus

The Resurrection of Jesus – An Exclusive Video Report

The SJYM Children’s Ministry news team brings you a video report on what some are saying is a most miraculous event.

Some people have been saying that Jesus was found restored to life three days after he was crucified. These reports have filled many including the disciples with joy, amazement and bewilderment. But what really happened? The SJYM Children’s Ministry news team went to work to learn the truth. Watch their video report here:


Or watch it on YouTube:


The Children’s Ministry News Team

This video was produced by the Children’s Ministry team at St. John’s York Mills. Many thanks to all those whose inspiration and hard work brought the video project to life: the teachers and volunteers in the Children’s Ministry, the parents, and especially the children. Special thanks go to Deacon Catherine Keating who has been the guiding light on this project, and to Glen McDonald for his continued support.


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