The Link: The Social Church

The Pentecost 2017 edition of The Link is now here. This spring, we have seen how community – people meeting to talk, pray, eat, and care for one another together – was vital to the growth and vitality of the early church. Rev. Drew expands on this biblical theme with a look at community in our modern church.

0520 The Link 2017 Pentecost coverCommunities in Faith

The Bible tells how the first Christians met regularly in the homes of one another. Their words, works, and worship done in social settings fostered a church so inspiring that “the Lord added to their numbers daily those who were being saved.”

Today, small groups are a vital part of the faith community of St. John’s. As many of our regular groups start to wind down for the summer, it’s an ideal time to foster a more informal community. Why not invite someone to your home to “break bread” together, share a meal and share some of ourselves? You might be intrigued and uplifted by the faith stories of those sitting around the table with you.

The Life at St. John’s

A lot happens at St. John’s, in the church and in the community. In this issue of The Link, we hear from a number of people at work, both out front and behind the scenes.

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