Payam Akhavan’s talk at SJYM

On November 18, 2017, the human rights lawyer and 2017 CBC Massey Lecturer Payam Akhavan spoke at SJYM. A recording of his talk is available here by courtesy of the Toronto Book Club (Persian).

Professor Payam Akhavan: In Search of a Better World. Payam Akhavan set out on a noble mission, traveling to Sarajevo with the UN 20 years ago to help promote justice and to bring war criminals to trial. His idealism was severely tested by the realities of capturing and trying leaders for crimes against humanity, and he returned as a changed person struggling with his own moral values.

The Toronto Book Club presented Payam Akhavan in person at St. John’s to speak on the topic: In Search of a Better World, based on his recent book of the same title. Payam discussed experiences and ideas about what we can do to bring about a better world. The Toronto Book Club is not affiliated with SJYM, however the topic of the presentation touches on issues that is of concern to the church, so SJYM was pleased to welcome Payam Akhaven.


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