Jan 14: Fellowship Lunch

Sharing a meal, fostering a community

0114 Potluck lunch

This Sunday at The Open Door we emphasize fellowship with a guest preacher, holy communion, and a casual lunch after.

Breaking bread together

A church is the only place in society where you find a bunch of people so committed to being a community.

This was the recent observation made to me by a young, occasional attender and I have to agree, especially as it pertains to SJYM! We work hard at building a caring community in a very busy city. How often, though, do we take the time to enjoy what we’ve built?

This Sunday you’ll have your chance! Plan to stay after The Open Door for a casual lunch with your SJYM friends. If you can, bring something to share (finger foods work best). We’ll enjoy some extra time catching up, learning what’s new and exchanging gifts of laughter, encouragement and care.

Guest preacher

If you don’t often attend The Open Door, make January 14 the day you do. There will be Holy Communion and our guest preacher will be Ben MacDonald, a graduate student in theology and (yes) son of our rector.


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