For Lent: A Six-Week Journey

Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John

0214 Meeting Jesus offeringLent is the time of year when Christians are called on to reflect on our past, seek to renew our relationship with God, and chart a course for the days ahead. We step back from the busy-ness of our day-to-day lives to make space for self-examination, prayer, insight, and self-renewal.

A Lenten Guide

This year, the leaders at St. John’s have selected a lenten guide to help you along the way:

Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John

A six-week offering of prayer and reflection
on the words of John the Evangelist

This offering, put together by the Society of St. John the Evangelist and Virginia Theological Seminary, includes a daily journal with verses and space for you to write, and short daily videos offer guidance to reading and praying each verse. You can obtain a paper copy of the journal from the church office for $4, or download a PDF version for free online from You can also sign up online to receive the daily videos in your email.

Use On Your Own: You can work through the offering in your own time. First sign up for the daily email. Each day, watch the video, reflect on the day’s verse, and write down your thoughts. The journal and the videos give suggestions for how to pray and ponder John’s words.

But Better in a Group: Several of the Life Groups will be facilitating weekly discussions on the offering. If you’re not a member, check with any leader because we will be organizing small groups to meet during Lent. Sharing ideas and experiences within a group enriches the journey for everyone.

Getting Started

To begin your own Lenten journey, (1) visit to sign up for the daily videos, and download a copy of the journal if desired, (2) obtain a paper copy of the journal, either by purchasing from St. John’s church office or by printing the PDF, and (3) be part of, or become part of, a participating small group.

The front of the journal includes guidance and ideas for getting the most out of your Lenten journey – a journey to bring you closer to God who was revealed in Jesus through the words of the disciple John. A journey that begins on February 14, 2018.


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