The Link: We have News for You

The Lent-Easter 2018 edition of The Link is now available: in the foyer on Sundays, in your mail box or e-mail inbox, and online right here. Catch up on what’s happening in the life of the parish.

  • Wondering about recent changes at St. John’s?  It could be that Drew+ has been mindful of Proverbs 12:15: The wise listen to advice.
  • Have you given up something for Lent? Tim+ hasn’t. Find out why and what he’s doing instead.
  • This could be one for the books, by which we mean the new books for Sandy Bay School in Jamaica.
  • Has it been forty years already? Yes! The Lychgate Women’s Group is forty years strong. Learn more about their history as well as the upcoming celebration.
  • You may know of the Prayer Group that meets weekly. Who are they praying for? Find out in this issue.
  • What’s happening during Holy Week (Mar 25-31)? Check the back page of The Link – our communities of faith are evolving and this is reflected in this year’s calendar.

The Link is published four times a year. To have it mailed to you, paper or digital, please contact the office. Or read it online here: the current issue and the back issues.

The Link Lent-Easter 2018 edition – Enjoy!


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