What is your Primary Community?

Is it a community of faith?

Each one of us is a member of various communities: neighbourhoods, places of employment, social clubs. One kind of community stands out, however: a community of faith. Other communities are bound by earthly things; only a community of faith is bound by a shared belief in the transcendent, that is, a shared belief in God and all His majesty.

Humans are spiritual beings. For as long as we have existed, we have yearned to know and connect with the transcendent. This is not easy, however, so we come together into a community to learn from each other and share in wisdom. Knowing how much we are spirit-led, being a member of a community of faith is vital. Indeed, a faith community should be your primary community.

Why this community of faith? There are a number of ways to test a faith: Do the doctrines seem reasonable? What have scholars and historians said about them? As you absorb them, do you feel uplifted? The most vital test, however, is: what are the fruits of the faith? Do you find love and compassion? Do you find acceptance and understanding? Do you feel grace and forgiveness?

We believe that you will find these fruits in the Christian community and in the congregation that calls St. John’s York Mills home. Indeed, St. John’s is worthy for you to consider as your Primary Community.


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