Life Groups: Nurturing Faith

A Spiritual Compass on your Journey

Plan on being part of a Life Group at St. John’s. They’re the heart of spiritual growth: large enough for shared wisdom, yet small enough to personalize to your needs.

Communities of faith come in various sizes and purposes. You, no doubt, know about large communities such as the congregation that fills a church on Sunday mornings. You might also know about small communities such as a few friends meeting for conversation, or a mentor working with someone to face challenges.

One type of community stands out among all these, however. These communities, usually of about five to twenty-five members, are vital for fostering a healthy faith and guiding you toward a healthy Christian life. At St. John’s, we call these communities “Life Groups” (or “Compass Groups”).

When you’re a member of a Life Group, you’ll usually meet once a week (a few groups meet once every two weeks) either at the church or at a member’s home.

Each group chooses an area of study – for example, a book from the bible, a contemporary book on a Christian topic, or the readings from the Sunday services – so you can usually find a group that speaks your interests. You will be under the guidance of an elder, either a clergy member or a knowledgeable lay person.

This is what makes a Life Group so good for spiritual growth – it’s large enough that you can share in the wisdom of many people including a trained leader, yet small enough that you can personalize it by exploring ideas and issues that matter to you. And, of course, there is the fellowship that so often happens spontaneously in a small group with a shared purpose.

The fall is a great time to check out what’s happening in the Life Groups at St. John’s, think about your own faith journey, and find a group that’s right for you. To learn more, talk with any clergy member, or on Sunday morning, ask any of the greeters. You can also contact the church office.


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