Sept 23: Danielle Strickland Speaks

On September 23, guest preacher Danielle Strickland speaks at The Open Door (10:30 a.m.) about Brave Global. Brave, “a catalytic movement for girls”,seeks to free vulnerable girls from harsh life choices by offering them options and giving them the power to choose their own futures.

September 23 is Outreach Sunday at St. John’s York Mills. This is an annual event for honouring those involved in outreach projects and for celebrating their work.

Danielle Strickland – activist, writer, founder

Danielle has a passion for justice and for transforming lives. Her “aggressive compassion” is reflected in her work against human trafficking, advocating for just treatment for all people, and inspiring people to seek new freedom through transformational living.

She has written five books, with the latest being The Ultimate Exodus: Finding Freedom from What Enslaves You. She hosts the DJStrickland podcast, and speaks at gatherings and conferences.

Her work is infused with her faith in God and in His plan to bring redemption to all people – a faith has given her the passion and energy to co-found Brave Global.

Brave Global – breaking bonds, enabling freedom

On September 23, Danielle Strickland speaks about Brave Global. It promises to be an inspiring presentation – one that will leave you with new insights and maybe even awaken a new sense of mission.

Rev. Drew has met Danielle, and he said that their conversations were compelling in a way he rarely experiences. He encourages all congregants to make it a priority to come out on Sunday, September 23 when Danielle takes the microphone at SJYM.



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