Feb 3: SOUPer Bowl Sunday

Shared Table: Bring Soup, Enjoy Soup

February 3 is Souper Bowl Sunday at St. John’s. After the Open Door service, come and enjoy lunch in the foyer, where we’ll have a range of soups for you to sample and savour.

You’re also invited to bring a pot of soup made with your favourite recipe to add to the shared table, which will feature soups from both congregants and church ministry teams. There will be a taste-testing competition with a prize for the most delectable soup.

Souper Bowl Sunday supports outreach projects at St. John’s, so this Sunday after the Open Door, consider a donation, grab a bowl and spoon, and get ready for a tasty soup lunch.

SOUPer Bowl Sunday

Bring Soup • Enjoy Soup • Support Outreach

Sunday, February 3, 2019
11:45 a.m., following The Open Door

St. John’s York Mills Church
19 Don Ridge Drive, Toronto



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