Read the Bible at Lent and Easter

Rev. Tim Taylor invites you to join him on a pilgrimage of a different kind: Read the entire Bible during the season of Lent and Easter 2019.

During the season of Lent, a season that recalls Jesus’s forty days in the wilderness, we are called to choose a Lenten practice that helps us step back from the day-to-day to contemplate the larger narratives in our lives. A Lenten practice can mean giving up some less-than-helpful habit, but it can also mean taking on a new discipline.

This year, Rev. Tim has chosen to read the entire Bible as his Lenten discipline. This is not a light undertaking, but then Tim is not one to shy away from a challenging spiritual project. If you decide you might like to accompany Tim on his pilgrimage through the bible, please take a look at the guide he will be using.

The guide includes 44 reading days during the two months of the Lent and Easter seasons. Each reading day, you begin with some psalms then move on to the selected reading. You have Sundays and holy days off. On each reading day, expect to spend 90 minutes to two hours with the Bible.

Plan to read each day’s texts straight through – this is not the time to take notes or check references – so that you absorb the overarching narratives of the Bible. You may notice a few parts of the guide are not in page sequence. This arrangement has been chosen to put events into their historical sequence.

If you decide to join Tim on his pilgrimage through the Bible, he would love to hear from you about your progress and your insights.

Click here for the guide: Read the Bible over Lent and Easter 2019



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