What are those swooshing noises?

Could it be the winds of change? Possibly … in the form of multiple diapers rustling as their wearers toddle from every possible direction to … our nursery!

I’d been thinking for a while that parents of babies and toddlers in our congregation would probably like an alternative to the relaxing/crying/playing/wandering room at the back of the sanctuary. So, I hired a wonderful new nursery worker who has a terribly soft heart for the very young. Her name is Elequen, and she is starting with us this summer.

She will probably need a hand some days so I am looking for a few volunteers to assist from time to time. Do you also enjoy adorable baby chubs and the marvel of tiny hands and feet? Then you might consider signing up. An attended nursery makes it so much easier for young families to enjoy worship at St. John’s. Come and talk to me about it and we’ll have you wrangling baby blocks and rattles as many or as few times as you wish.

This is such a great place to hang out we thought we’d offer some during-the-week time, too! This summer we launched Toddletown, a 10:30 Thursday morning outreach to parents in our community who are weary of mopping up baby fluids and long for a little adult conversation. (Counterintuitively, having a baby attached to you can be a bit isolating at times!) This drop-in is free and includes toys, a story, snacks and a little community for parents who may be feeling more exhausted and alone than they had anticipated.

Please support this new initiative with your prayers! Pray that this is a help and respite for the parents who need it, and that many families find their way to our green, shady lawns and sunny patio.

— Alison