What are the rewards and challenges of church leadership? We asked Suzanne Sutherland, Deputy Churchwarden, to describe her experience for us.

At the beginning, I wondered if I had the “stuff” to become an effective warden.  It was all a bit daunting but my follow wardens assured me that the first year was really about watching, asking questions and learning. And there was a lot to learn.

 As the months passed, I became more comfortable. I immersed myself in specific projects (of which there are many! all the time!) and learned even more. The more I learned, the more effective I became. At the end of my first (three-year) term, I let my name stand again, because I felt that I had really just begun to put my learning to real use in the church.

 I am approaching the final year of my second term and I can count so many ways in which serving has been a rewarding experience. Encompassing all of those is the power and delight of high-quality teamwork. As a group we’re unified by our faith and prayerful approach to everything. (After all, it’s Kingdom work we’re doing!) My personal prayer life has deepened as a result. There is a wonderful camaraderie among the (six) church wardens and Drew, our rector. We discuss and debate matters at hand, all the while supporting one another and the team as a whole. 

 It’s enriching to play a part in shaping the life and future of our faith community. I encourage everyone to listen to the Holy Spirit and, if called upon to lead, to take up the task with courage and joy.

A committee is assembled and ready to receive and pray over nominations to leadership positions in our church, including that of churchwarden. Please speak to Drew, Suzanne or any member of Parish Council  if you have a recommendation.