Our Church Building

St. John’s York Mills, the second oldest Anglican Church in York County (encompassing Toronto and the Region of York), celebrates 200 years in 2016. SJYM began as a 10m by 20m structure built by the community with timber from the very land on which it stood. A quarter-century later, this building was replaced with a sturdier stone structure that has stood and grown over the years to become the building you see today. The history of the church is a reflection of the heritage of its members: a small farming community in the 19th century transformed by urban growth in the 20th century to become a diverse community in the 21st century which reflects its Toronto home.

The Building

The heart of the church is the sanctuary. The rear half of today’s sanctuary is in fact the original (c. 1840) sanctuary; the tower entrance to the church looks about the same as it did to the people of the 1800s. However, since then there have been several major additions: an expansion to the sanctuary; an extension with rooms for meetings and church education; and another extension with the new main entrance, the administrative offices, and the Garnsworthy meeting room.

The Grounds

The church is situated in a park-like setting on the crest of the Don Valley near Yonge Street and York Mills Avenue. The grounds, including the churchyard, offer a peaceful haven in the city that has grown up around it over the years. A pathway through a wooded hillside links the church to Yonge Street in the valley and from there to the York Mills subway station.

Open for Activities

Our historical building is open to the community for many functions and activities. You don’t have to be a parishioner to use our meeting rooms and facilities. We have a number of spaces available for community use, including rooms for meetings or classes, a tastefully furnished room for social gatherings and an auditorium with room for 200 people. Please contact us to see what we have to offer; our address, phone number and e-mail addresses can be found at this link.

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