Our Doors Are Open

St. John’s welcomes all those who seek spiritual nourishment and community fellowship. We offer the following to remove the barriers:

Wheelchair Access

A ramp provides barrier-free access from the parking lot and drop-off zone into the church. Parking spots are at the end of the parking aisle closest to the main entrance of the building. Inside the church, all main areas including the the sanctuary are accessible without steps. Some secondary rooms, such as the meeting rooms on the second floor and the auditorium in the basement, are accessible by a lift.

Access in the Sanctuary

Spaces have been provided among the pews to accommodate those who use wheelchairs or walkers. They are near the main entrance to the sanctuary; you can ask a greeter to point them out. The nave (elevated area at the front) can be reached by a ramp on the right side. During Communion, we have, in addition to the altar station, a station on the main level in the small adjacent chapel.

Help with Hearing

Assisted hearing devices, which consist of headphones connected to small clip-on receivers, are available from the greeters before every service.

Words on Screen

The elements of both The Open Door, our 10:30 offering, and The Sacred Table, our 9:00 offering of Holy Communion, are projected onto an overhead screen at the front of the church. Many members find that the projected words are a useful guide to the order of the service.

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